Monday, March 9, 2009

"My Eternal Family" (week 2)

REMEMBER HATS: Sing the first 4 lines of “My Eternal Family that they learned last week and see how well they learned it. The class who seems to have learned it the very best and sang really well their teacher gets to wear a hat out of the suitcase.

STRONG STRING/STRONG FAMILY: Using a string with lots of smaller strands, have a child try to break a single strand. Then have the child try to break the string with all of the strands together. When are family is all working together, we can all be strong and cannot be broken. Talk about how each strand could represent “kindness”, “speaking kind words”, “serving one another”

BIG GLASSES & BIG EARS & THE REST OF THE SONG: Learn the remainder of the song by using the flipchart. The class who is watching me really good gets to put the big glasses on their teacher. The class who is listening and singing really well gets to put the big ears on their teacher. You can trade these around while teaching the song when you notice that another class is doing great. Help all children/classes to feel rewarded!

HOT & COLD WITH BLOCK OF HOUSE: Using the house made of large wooden blocks that have pictures on the front, have a child choose a block and play hot and cold hiding the block somewhere in the room.

JENGA: Play jenga with 2 children and talk about how when we build our family if we take things away then our family isn’t as strong and can fall. Sing the song over and over until the building of wooden jenga blocks falls down. Then build it again and choose two more children to play.

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