Friday, January 23, 2009

milly the church mouse....

How cute is this little mouse. I found him in the clearance bin at Pottery Barn Kids and couldn't pass her up for being our church mouse in singing time. I'm sure some very talented seamstresses could sew one of these pretty easy. But it was worth $4.00 to me. :)

Here are a couple of ideas that I'm going to use her for...
1. Hot and Cold game... Choose a child to go out of the room. Hide the mouse. When the child comes back in, begin singing whatever song you are doing. As the child moves closer to finding Milly, sing louder and softer as the child moves further away from Milly. This game never gets old with children and is a great way to continue to review a song.

2. Introduce the {Junior primary}children to Milly and tell them that Milly really likes to come and listen to the children sing during primary. Milly really likes to hear the sweet sound of music but doesn't like it when the children become loud and irreverent. Milly will get to go to class with a class that is very reverent during singing time.

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