Thursday, February 19, 2009

song round-up...

I was in need of an idea for Sunday to review a song when I sat down with my kiddos to watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and they were doing a Number Round-Up. Ah-ha! I'll do a "Song Round-Up". Then later I went to Target and just happen to find these little horses(you press a button and it neighs) and barns in the Dollar Spot. Perfect! There are lots of kids in our primary that are bonkers for horses...including one of my daughters. This should get there attention.

{Another thought....before I found the little horses and barns and Target I was thinking I would just do clipart of horses, laminate them, magnets on the back, make a big barn and do all of this on the chalkboard.}

A horse is sitting in front of each barn and there is a sign above the barn with a phrase of the song. We'll talk for just a second about how when you ride a horse they LOVE to get back to the barn, the horse will take off if you're not careful just trying to get back. So we want to help each horse get back in the barn by showing that we know all the words to the phrase.

I'm going to have one of the teachers be the Cowboy/girl(depending on the teacher obviously). We'll start by singing the song all the way through(one verse at a time though). After we are done singing, the cowboy/girl will push the button for the horses that get to go back in the barn and put them in their barns.

Then we will start going over the other phrases one at a time. When they cowboy/girl is satisfied that we know all the words, he will push the horses neighing button and put them in the barn.

The goal: Know all the words and let all the horses go back to their barns!!

I'm also planning on using this later in other ways.

For example,
Above each barn I'm going to put things like, "clear words", "blended sound", "everyone singing", etc. to help review more of the songs as it gets closer to the program.

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