Sunday, January 18, 2009

remember the song hats...

This little suitcase full of hats is suppose to help the kids show you how much they remember... with enthusiasm.

Just collect lots of different hats and put them all in a suitcase. I had some around the house and then went to goodwill to pick up a couple of extra.

Last week I taught the children the first verse of "I Lived In Heaven". So at the beginning of singing time I pulled out the suitcase and explained that I would watch and see which class sings the best and shows me how well they remember the song we learned last week. They sang with tons of enthusiasm!

Then I picked one class that sang really great and choose two children to come up and each pick a hat because there were two teachers for that class. I gave all of the children a minute to look at the teachers and get a little laugh and then got their attention again and moved on to teaching them the next verse. I told them we would do it again next week so they were even more anxious to learn the new verse so their teacher would get to wear the hat next week.

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  1. this is a great idea! i'm sure the children in our primary will love it. thanks for being so creative, and sharing that with others :)